Just be your true authentic self

Combining my love for photography and fashion, I seek to create images that not only celebrate personal style but also reflect the essence of the individuals I have the privilege of photographing.

The real You framed into a timeless portrait

My approach


Initial Consultation & Vision Discovery

When working with me as your photographer, you can expect an initial consultation that is focused on understanding your vision and photography needs. We will discuss your goals, preferences, and any specific ideas or themes you have in mind for the shoot. I will actively listen to your requirements and ask relevant questions to gain a deeper understanding of your expectations. This step is crucial in ensuring that we are aligned and that I can deliver the results you desire.


Collaborative Planning and Preparation

Once we have established your vision, I will collaborate closely with you to plan and prepare for the shoot. This includes providing guidance on locations, props, wardrobe choices, and any additional details that will enhance the overall aesthetic and outcome of the images. I will share my expertise and creative input to help bring your ideas to life and ensure that every aspect is thoughtfully considered. Together, we will create a comprehensive plan that reflects you or your brands personality and captures the essence of the desired imagery.


Relaxed and Enjoyable Photo Session

During the actual photo session, my priority is to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for you. Whether it's your first time in front of a camera or you feel right at home in front of the lens, I will provide gentle direction and guidance to encourage natural expressions and genuine moments, capturing your authentic self. Throughout the session, I will be attentive to every detail, ensuring that the lighting, composition, and overall aesthetics are well-executed. Your comfort and satisfaction are of utmost importance to me, and I will work diligently to create a positive and memorable experience.


Delivering photos

After the photo session, I will carefully curate and edit the images to bring out their full potential. This post-production process includes selecting the best shots, enhancing colors, adjusting tones, and applying any necessary retouching techniques while maintaining a natural and timeless feel. I will pay close attention to every detail to ensure a polished final product. Once the images are ready, I will deliver them to you in the agreed-upon format and resolution. You can expect a 1-2 week delivery, and I will be available to address any further questions or requests you may have.