Welcome to my world of photography and fashion! My name is Jade Porttia, and I am thrilled to share my creative journey with you.

Photography has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. It is the language I use to communicate my thoughts, emotions, and observations. The ability to freeze a moment in time and encapsulate its spirit is truly captivating to me. Whether it's a radiant smile, a captivating landscape, or the intricate details of a fashion ensemble, I am driven to capture those fleeting moments that tell a story and evoke powerful emotions.

Having obtained a diploma in photography, I have acquired technical expertise and a deep understanding of composition, lighting, and post-processing. This formal education has provided me with a solid foundation to create visually stunning photographs while continuously pushing boundaries and exploring new techniques. I constantly strive to learn and grow as a photographer, experimenting with different styles and approaches to deliver unique and captivating images.

My aim is to bring a unique perspective to the world of fashion photography, blending timeless elegance with contemporary trends, while pushing boundaries and embracing the ever-changing nature of the industry.

The essence of a model in an image is incredibly powerful. Through the lens, I aim to capture not just physical beauty, but also the inner strength, confidence, and vulnerability that make each individual unique.

I look forward to sharing my passion, expertise, and creativity with you. Let's embark on this creative adventure together and capture moments that transcend time and tell captivating stories through the art of fashion photography and portraiture.


Fact 1

I have two furbabies ( a schnoodle & Border Collie) who are my world.


Fact 2

My mum has been a model her entire life so instinctively been drawn to the art of fashion from a very young age.


Fact 3

In High School, I entered my school's film festival and won Best Drama with my 10 minute short film called 'Reborn'.


Fact 4

I love to ground myself in mother nature so in my spare time you will often find me swimming in the ocean or hiking in the national parks.

My Favourite Images


I had the pleasure of working with Jade for our brand’s campaign and product photoshoot, and I have to say that I am beyond impressed with the results. Jade demonstrated an incredible level of professionalism, creativity, and skill, making the entire experience both enjoyable and productive.

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